Another word for breasts, as used by Jim Caddick (a.k.a Caddicarus).
And what happens when straight men see whopping, galloping breats like that? They get a Woody. - Caddicarus
by FriedRice147 August 15, 2022
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Breats is a common mis-spelling for non-English speaking people in Video Chat rooms. "Show me ur breats" is seen world-wide in video chat. Pervs from all over want to see 'stuff' but do not take the time to learn a language. Most often seen taped along side the monitors in internet cafe's in Islamic countries.
Hey babby nice breats
Can Y see breats?
opyn breats sexxxxy bebe
by Thorazine April 28, 2006
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A Freudian slip that indicates someone has a fetish for testicles.
My sister has this hot friend with large breats.
by Facts of PH33R November 27, 2005
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a mixture of brilliant and great - when something is too amazing for any other word
Man 1 - Dude, whats up?
Man 2 - Nothing mate, im proper breat today actually
by Showboat King December 25, 2009
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Jocular alternative synonym for "breast", referring to the human female mamma.
"Hey, juggalo, nice breats on that hottie over there!"
by Dr. Ruth Bader Ginsberg September 25, 2003
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Breating - (/bri;tɪŋ/); an abbreviation/mix of the words breathing and beating (of the heart).
In order to check an individuals sign of life, (consciousness, effective breathing, circulation and skin characteristics sometimes are referred to as signs of life.), one must check if it/they/he/she is breating, etc... If the individual has a pulse but is not breathing emergency CPR must be administered and seek immediate medical assistance (call local/national emergency services) (e.g. 911/907/000).

"Oi Matt, you up? Your mate's here to see ya! Blake, be a good sport and see if he's still breating will ya."
by alec haulle February 5, 2020
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