(daddy kink)

A name used for a significant other, fuckbuddy, and/or hot guy.
During sex, a girl may scream out "Daddy!" when he's beating the pussy up.

Its a huge turn on for some and it's mostly used by those who like it rough or just for those kinky little shits.

Because of this term, kids will grow up wondering why their father doesn't want them to call him "Daddy"

daddy daddy kink kink sex role play
Spank me, Daddy!

Little girl: "Daddy, will you tuck me in?"
Father: "Don't call me that. I am Dad to you."
by juvenile_delinquent01 November 26, 2015
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A name used, mostly by innocent young girls, to address an older guy that they either have sexual relations with or sexual interest in. In return, they are often called 'baby girl' or 'princess'. Often used in the context of a Dominant | Submissive relationship but also very often used in an innocent context, usually increasing sexual appeal to the 'Daddy'.
(innocent) -

"Go to bed."
"Yes, Daddy."

(intentional) -
"Yes baby girl."
"Do you like that, Daddy?"
by babygrlxo August 30, 2015
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A name given to a boy by a girl, usually because he his the dominating male figure in her life. Commonly used while having sex
by Jonnybgood June 24, 2017
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The definition of daddy is either a woman's father or boyfriend. Daddy is someone who usually looks out for you, protects you and loves you. They are someone who treats you like a princess and usually have full control.
Hey daddy what's for dinner?
Missed you my daddy

Both the statement and question sound like they could be directed at your father however, the first one she already knew the answer
by Low-key freak March 09, 2017
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