Typically a male dominant that takes care of a submissive/princess/baby girl. He often has her best interest in mind when punishing her for her bad behavior and rewarding her for her good behavior. Often a Daddy dom is the older masculine figure in the relationship. He is of good nature.
My Daddy Dom is the best. He makes sure I eat every day, and he always holds me when I cry! I love him. -Emma
by Sweet&BrattyPrincess April 19, 2020
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The fat ni🅱️🅱️a that claps Cami’s cheeks 24/7
Cami:Fuck me Daddy Dom
Daddy Dom: I’m ballsdeep

Cami: I’m gonna fucking cum
by Aquazshift June 23, 2018
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People named "Dom" or "Domenic" that usually show major sugar daddiness to young lads.
"Wow that is one Daddy Dom, he is so hot and rich."
by JOKERMANFORLIFE March 24, 2022
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dom is my daddy (my daddy)
i would sleep with daddy dom (my daddy)
dom is my daddy (daddy dom)
i would love to meet daddy dom
by Sheck2Trappy September 8, 2021
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A daddy dom should:
*cuddle his little girl until she smiles.
*kiss her till she sighs.
*spank her till it stings.
*finger her until she is soaked.
*lick her till she shudders.
*fuck her till she screams.
"oh I love my daddy dom he always follows the daddy dom rules!
by The One And Only Daddy Dom! August 23, 2017
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kacper is the biggest dom out ther with his 6.3 inch horse cock
whos that
ahh thats my dom daddy kacper
by shannabannana21 March 4, 2021
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A dominant male, always named Haag. His subs include Matt's, and Liam's.
Haag: I'm the daddy dom!!

Matt and Liam: yes master, you are.

Haag: That's right.
by Tony two five November 9, 2022
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