to get queasy due to the consumption of alochol and/or hallucinogens.
whoa, after all that dope, i feel soo wasted!
hey dude, we're getting wasted tonight at the party.
by LubeLobBoob April 15, 2006
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A term used to describe the aparatus known as the funnel for pouring beer into and then drinking through that exact same funnel. Note that Beer Bong is not the correct term for anything related to this ritual.
I'm going to use this Getting Wasted to "get wasted" *snickers*.
by Not Mike Reid August 20, 2006
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Get Wasted Wednesday happens every week. It is a perfect time to celebrate midweek with just two days remaining until the Weekend. Get a beer and forget about your problems.
A: "Ayo, I don't want another beer, it's Wednesday"
B: "No problem, it is a Get Wasted Wednesday! So you can have as many as you want!"
by michaldabest December 25, 2022
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When one downs a quarter of a purell bottle. No we not talking about those fun sized ones with the gayass rubber case, the half gallon one you find somewhere in every high school.
Guy1: Did you see Dave the other day?
Guy2: No why
Guy1: Dude whipped his dick out in science and started fucking the skeleton, pretty sure he was getting wasted on Mr. Cleans tears.
Guy2: Wish I was there
by Shotgunbeeramerican May 14, 2021
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A drinking game that is gauranteed to get everyone who plays it wasted. (Possibly the greatest drinking game ever created). Played with a deck of cards, the rules are as follows:
Spades-give the amount
Clubs-take the amount
Hearts-social the amount
Diamonds-waterfall that amount or longer
Aces-finish drink
Ace of spade-everyone finishes
I always start my night playing Get Fuckin Wasted, because its fun and i'll be drunk after playing it.
by Hector Rodriguez June 8, 2011
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