n. Designated Driver. One who abstains from "partying" so everyone can get home safely.
We're going out tonight, and I'm the DD, as per usual.
by The Grammar Nazi January 6, 2002
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Dad: Who the hell is this person named DD calling your phone?

You: Uh it's a new person in the class. She's actually really funny!
by MaxInTheRough July 28, 2017
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Due Diligence. When you are or feel obligated to give insight or tell fellow investors/autists about a high-potential position so that you aren't alone when it expires worthless.
I created an account at buildingdetroit.org for more DD and it turns out that Detroit city employees can get Detroit homes for 50% off. The land itself has to be worth more than $500. I am proposing that we apply for positions within the Detroit city government. First, we need to get some autists to work in the HR department. An unlimited amount of positions could be created within the government. We are also going to need some autists to work in the tax department so that we can get rid of the tax liens. There also seemed to be some concern about the asbestos issue in the original thread. The asbestos would give us access to mesothelioma money you always hear about on TV, which could, in turn, be yeeted back into the market. I don't see how this could go tits up.
by 2ndQueerduck October 24, 2020
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DD stands for "Daredemo Daisuki" which literally translates to "Love Anyone"

it's a word thrown quite often in the vtuber community (Chinese ones particularly)
it's basically loving everyone equally but can be used in different context such as, loving more than one or to split something

(I recommend watching civia's stream)
by has_e April 29, 2020
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A typical scenario at DD.
customer: Medium cawfee, regula pleaz.

by pearrrr July 11, 2008
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The Doctor of Divinity (or D.D. or DD or Divinitatis Doctor) is an advanced academic degree in divinity. In the UK, the Doctor of Divinity has traditionally been the highest doctorate granted by universities, usually conferred upon a religious scholar of standing and distinction.
Graduate 1: I just received my MD.
Graduate 2: I just received my PhD.
Graduate 3: I just received my DD.
by NextLevel June 2, 2010
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