* A person who disregards and/or rejects facts, news, and/or other legitimate information that would contradict the stand, statement, or opinion of the person they blindly follow.
* A sheep, a blind follower.

* A person who acknowledges his stupidity and ignorance but takes pride that he does not care about facts, news, and/or other legitimate information
PERSON 1: "I unfriended our officemate because he is such a DDS. I showed him the findings of the Commission On Audit that the country has a foreign borrowing rate of PhP809B per year but no mass testing budget for the Filipinos. This was validated by the major media outlets. He told me COA should be abolished as they are always against the government and mainstream media just shares fake news against the president. He is such a DDS. He would bend and align his beliefs to match the president's even with facts presented."
by DDSForever May 20, 2020
noun: abbreviation for Duterte's Diehard Supporters; Usually used by internet trolls in the news section (not only trolls but also idiots who bow down to pres. Duterte and idolize him)
Why did you protest about *insert social issue* ? Maybe someone paid you to protest about it, am I right fellow DDS?
by butthurt123 December 3, 2016
Noun: a DDS is a group of cult-like supporters of the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. This is a type of person that never changes his or her opinion, even when strong, and undisputable facts are presented to him/her, or justifying anything remotely wrong as something that is morally right.
E.g. 1

The facts based on their research, and survey have been presented in front of you, yet you still decide to stick with fake news and incorrect information. You can be such a DDS at times.

E.g. 2
That person on the way home from work late at night was shot by the police, and you still think that person deserves it because he looks suspicious? Can't believe I'm friends with a DDS
by downywificonditioner May 8, 2020
Marissa C. is such a DDS she gave me head the first time we hung out!
by xCODx September 23, 2010
Dead Dick Syndrome. This is the male version of menopause. When you become older (40's and so on) your erections will lose its stamina while being in bed with your partner.
Jan: Damn, Todd. We've gotta do something about your DDS.

Todd: Like what?

Jan: Sexual enhancement pills oughta cure your problem. It'll increase that dead dick of yours.
by dabmaster101 May 24, 2016