acronym for 'center of attention'
"I like to be COA....always."
by flashin.lights. November 21, 2007
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"Certificate of Authenticity" A phrase coined by Microsoft as a right for an end user to own a particular piece of software.
There is a COA that is attached with your operating system.
by G March 30, 2005
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Snake,Ill let you decide the best COA
by (insert name here) October 7, 2003
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Certificate of Authenticity. It is a holographic sticker that comes with Microsoft software (including Windows and Office) and is usually attached to the side or bottom of a computer to indicate that the software installed on the computer is genuine (not pirated).
My copy of Windows XP is genuine; I have the COA stuck to the side panel of my computer.

I bought a copy of Windows for $10 from some guy in an alley, and it didn't come with a COA. No wonder Microsoft refuses to activate it for me!
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
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Cult of Awesomeness.

Sometimes referred to as posessing 'deviation from social norms' and sporting a Hitler Superman stance.

Most often found inhabiting the sexcave.
Meeting coa today in douglas to watch the lion king 3D.
by MufasatheUnicorn January 8, 2012
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