I hasta to git me some crack.
by Blumpy March 25, 2004
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Spanish for "until later"; roughly translated as "bye," "so long," "see you later," "later," "take care," etc.

Note: Every reference to this term says something like: It is not a guarantee or promise to be taken literally as "I will see you later" -- it's just a casual thing to say when you part company.
i gotta get outta here -- hasta luego, man.
by beedee February 11, 2008
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A form of saying goodbye made by shortening "Hasta la vista" and "Rastafarian." Commonly used by fans of reggae music.
"I'm gonna go buy the new Toots and the Maytals album."
"Okay, Hasta, Rasta."
by onelove196 October 18, 2009
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spanish for it "drop it to the floor" or however you feel like tellin a female to back that ass up
Oye mami, dale hasta abajo!
Hey mami go back it up!
by El Cangri April 30, 2004
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