when hurdling, one may hit their nuts on the hurdle, causing immense pain
aaww, dude, i teabagged that last hurdle
by Liiansa May 14, 2005
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When you pwn somebody in a shooter a la Rainbow6 3 and crouch up and down on their head
lol I was teabagging that noob and got pwned in the ass
by Nathan July 30, 2004
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The resting of the scrotum against the property of another by way of "claiming right" over said property. Oftern accompanied by photographic evidence with which to demonstate the act to the owner.
He went and tea-bagged my new board dude...
by Nik H April 22, 2004
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tea bagged

where a man puts his ball on his gf/bf eyes
ashlee: mornin love (with his balls on her eyes)
jammie-lee: oo sexy thank u 4 tea bagged
by (L) June 22, 2008
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When drinking a cup of tea with the tea bag still steeping, and the tea bag hits you in the nose.
"That cup of Tetley's totally tea bagged me!", "OMG, you have tea on your nose! did you get tea bagged?"
by Steven P. Superstud December 03, 2007
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The action of the United States, because of concerned citizens, coming back to the roots of its foundation through the means of liberty, hard work, truth, and personal responsibility because the population woke up to its history.
OMG, it happened,We were teabagged! They voted all of us incumbents out. America woke up to the evils of power being concentrated. Shoot, now America might succeed again....
by jenndeere April 18, 2009
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To Be Tea-baged is to get a slight tap to the nut sack causing excruciating pain.
"HAHAHAHA you just got Tea-baged!!!"
by BA-ling March 06, 2003
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