Why tf you laughing?
Disdudeiscool: Idk don’t ask me
Disdudeiscool: wtf
jshdhehsshhddhehhah hahahahaha
by dickbot March 8, 2019
If u still use it Means you're a grandparent
Joe : What do u call an alligator in a vest?
Kev : ?
John : an investi-gator

Kev : lmao

Grandpa : Hahahaha
by Zzzzzzee March 14, 2021
When someone starts laughing really hard and they feel the need to slap the nearest person. Then when the person got slapped asks why they did that, they say it's a joke.
Friend 1: omg that was so funny
Friend 2: hahahaha *slap*
Friend 1: ouch what was that for
Friend 2: chilllllllll it was a joke
by itwasajokechill December 15, 2019