to pay a short, often unannounced visit
"Hi, I was in the neighborhood so I though I'd drop by"
by nick ))) February 23, 2015
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When you have no vape and are forced to drink the vape juice a drop at a time. Not ideal.
Sophie: I brought my vape!
Brian: Man! I forgot mine! Can I get a drop?
Sophie: Sure!
Brian: I'm Dropping!
by bayanik August 07, 2017
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To stop talking about something, especially because it is upsetting or annoying.
by BlackPohatu September 14, 2016
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When the music drops, the beat starts kicking in, the song hits the point when it can shoot a shiver down your spine
Go to youtube, type in bonkers dizzee rascal doorly dubstep remix, select the first video that appears, fast foward to 1:34 and that my friend is the drop
by Dubaholic December 25, 2009
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When someone is dropped you no longer wanna be friends with them anymore; you dont fw them nomo
Yo dude i dropped genesis today i really dont like her😒
by Nigga snatcher;) kimberly March 07, 2018
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