Balls in: During sex, you put your balls in.
i went balls in on that hoe.
by Ben Dear March 5, 2017
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meaning in a lot. as in up to one's balls.
J: guys wanna pre at my place tomorrow???
H: yes Jeff, I'm in!
B: And I'm in too Jeff
F: balls in!
by kickup_thefire November 20, 2014
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a term used when talking about a "loose" or extremely slutty girl
Saying she's so loose your balls would go in too
She's so loose, it's sick.
I know, balls in man
by K-rizzo December 6, 2008
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its like bigin up something the urban uk version would be "brap brap", or creating a hype whilst dancing, partying etc...
its Punjabi, and used in almost every punjabi song
Balle Balle Shava Shava
by PanjabiPaki January 11, 2009
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The strange occurance of a male having three testicles.
Dude, I never knew you had ball balls!
by Lois February 20, 2004
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Urban greeting, affirmation or agreeable gesture.
two people making fist bumps. "balls on balls" said as knucks touch.
by A-team Ame April 18, 2008
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A unit of measuring time; it lies somewhere between "brief" and "just a moment"
Bro 1: "This machine is going balls to balls right now."
Bro 2: "Man, that is fast dude. That's some kind of record."
Bro 1: "Dude..."
by Major Bingus May 7, 2015
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