The principal on the television show "Saved By The Bell." Frequently ass-slammed Screech, one of the annoying students at Bayside High School.
Zack - "Hey Slater, have you seen Screech?"

Slater - "He was in gym call. I think that Belding is donkey-punching him in the locker room. Belding will probably drop a warm, water Cleveland Steamer directly onto Screech!"
by asscandy June 30, 2004
A bizarre sex act which involves a man, a woman, and a toilet (with a tank, commerical ones won't work).

- The man involved takes a shit whilst "AC Slatering" the toilet.
- The woman involved is "Top Shelfing"/"Upper Decking" the toilet.

While both are performing aforementioned tasks, the male engages in cunnilingus with the woman. Should the roles be reversed and a blowjob is given, the term is referred to as a "Kelly Kapowski"
I just broke my pelvis falling off the shitter doing the Mr Belding.
by Mr_Hands69 March 7, 2011
One performs a series of generally vile sex acts until their partner is forced to finally turn around and say, "Hey hey hey, what is going on here?" Named after the 'Saved by the Bell' character, Principal Richard Belding and his subsequent catch phraise.
"Yeah my relationship was going pretty good until I gave my girlfriend the Dick Belding last night."
by m1tchapal00za November 7, 2006
Here included Masen Belding, Blake Belding, Christina Belding and Maya Belding. This is a closely bonded family that enjoys hunting and eating at Black Bear diner. Blake the housewife is always in the kitchen to pleases his amazing husband who enjoys his food. They all enjoy watching football Sunday's together. But if you make Daddy Masen mad Blake is also mad. Lastly they are a very supportive family with a grandpa burger.
Everett: See you at the diner Masen!! kissy face

The Belding Family: Yup:) :p OWO :3 <3
by travisscottismybabydaddy October 17, 2021
Peter Belding, meaning, probabaly the most sexy person alive
by Elkyyy March 16, 2018
When a school board trustee candidate is elected to office by virtue of their current or prior status as a school principal
The only reason that guy was elected was because of the Mr. Belding Effect.
by bing0fuel September 26, 2010
beld fun to fill in as any word
~ He gonna be belded asf

~ you so beld
~ boii you goof asf stop being so beld
by Beld January 17, 2017