Resting your nutsack in or on someone else's property for a comedic effect. Preferably with photographic evidence.
While she was in the bathroom, I teabagged her lip gloss.
by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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Girl lays on her back, dude puts testicles in her mouth
I teabagged that ho, yo.
by DBomb June 16, 2003
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Where you put your ballsack on someones face, whether its their mouth, eyes, chin, nose. Whatever.
I teabagged that dude in his sleep!
by Seth B. April 2, 2005
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While playing Halo in multiplayer,after raining victoriously over your opponent(killing them) you crouch and uncrouch over their lifeless body.....whether over their head or other preferred area of the corpse.
I killed Default and teabagged his cold dead face, only right before i was sniped by a dirty vagodor.
by Stephen February 12, 2005
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To lose your public-sector job or benefits as a result of tea party politicians.
After the Tea Party politicians swept into office, Mary and many of her colleagues were immediately teabagged.
by coffee21 February 21, 2011
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When getting gay-fucked doggystyle, the aggressor's teabag (dominant's swinging scrotum) can be felt slapping against the reciever's teabag (submissive's stationary scrotum). It's particularly effective with lowrollers.
Submissive dog on all fours is mounted by dominant dog. Anal penetration occurs. In the rythmic heat of the moment, it's just one more sensation to remind own'd that they are being pwn'd. Also known as the pendulum effect.
by TopDoggy July 30, 2005
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To stick ones testicles on anothers chin.
Hakim Warrick of Syracuse just teabagged Royal Ivey from Texas on the way to their National Championship.
by Justin March 22, 2004
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