A slang term used by individuals in North Philidelphia which basically means "Do you understand what I'm trying to say/ where I'm trying to get at"
"This is how you whip up a Chinatown Tequilla Tonic, you mean?"
by xXxPu55y514y3r69xXx October 9, 2017
When something happens that you dont want to happen.
when you ask someone what they mean/ what they talking about.
Mom: Son, i just sold your retros!

Boy: Fawk you mean! you best buy me a new one.
by Fawk you mean! December 23, 2014
used when you are normally mad at someone based on what they did.
best friend: well someone was talking shit about you
you: the fuck you mean someone was talking shit about me??
by fuckingjew April 20, 2017
a phrase that can be added on to the end of someone else's comment, which makes everyone think about the person's comment in a sexual manner. Basically, it's the same thing as that's what she said, but this one is applicable much more often.
"We went so far last night."
"...you mean sexually?"

"What team does he play for?"
"...you mean sexually?"

"Baby, I think I'm pregnant"
"...you mean...o fuck."
by Doc W Dubz AKA Twisted April 18, 2010
A shortened form of "What the fuck do you mean?", largely used when the person using the phrase takes a comment in a negative way.
"I'm just sayin' man, yo momma good in bed."
"Fuck you mean, man?"
by guyatrandom August 5, 2009
What sometimes people say when its half way cussing, not f... but faq, and then you mean. When you dont understand
Teacher: Ok class e=mc2 +pi equals... Jimmy! Do you know?

Jimmy: Faq you mean!? You dint teach this mess

Teacher: Dont cuss in m-

Jimmy: i said faq not fu...

Teacher:Detention now!
by your boi is 38 mad June 29, 2017
1) Extreme confusion with a situation, almost in disbelief, even though you sort of know the answer. The usual reaction when a person says or does something extremely shocking.

Sometimes a Rhetorical Question
1) "Uh, hey Lisa, I just came from the clinic, u might want to get urself checked out" "FUCK YOU MEAN?!"

2) *while on a first date*
Fuck You Mean you left your wallet at home?!
by Imari_J August 18, 2011