to injure or inflict pain on yourself.
I mumbled my foot in the game.
by Big Ron ;) July 06, 2009
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The best sentence or sentence-filler ever.
"What have you been doing?" "Mumble mumble."

Welcome to asperger king, where your extremely specific fast-food order is our mumble mumble.
by white brown! May 04, 2010
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1. To speak in a very sloppy manner, usually under ones breath, without using the mouth to form words properly.
Mumbler: "asfjeihwghckndiwhf food qfdiqwhfiwhf"

Responder: "Dude, shut the fuck up, and stop mumbling"
by xerocide January 03, 2006
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Mumbles is a character by Edbassmaster on YouTube. Born in the 60's in Malt Lickie, Texas; he often has trouble communicating with people and often gets frustrated.
Mumbles: Can you put malt lickies on that?

Car Salesman: No, I'm not going to put anything on it.

Mumbles: Well, can you bartle doo the price?

Car Salesman: The price? $12,000.

Mumbles: Right, but can you bartle doo?

Car Salesman: I'm not sure what you mean by that word.

Mumbles: Well, can you just kaypomasodums with the malt lickies?

Car Salesman: No, if you buy, you do it.

Mumbles: I'm gonna buy it! Just kaypomasodums with malt lickies!!!
by Metallica Bass Player August 07, 2010
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What you call a person who never speaks clearly or always mumbles.
I can't understand a word mumbles is saying!
by Richard Stands June 01, 2017
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