When a normally reserved individual is under the influence of chemical substances (i.e. drugs and/or alcohol), they begin to act loud, obnoxious and funny, thus, becoming the life of the party. Said individual usually regrets previous night’s actions mentally and physically.
Hey Doug, I wonder if we will see supersized Noel come out tonight?
by TheDWood January 12, 2007
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V. To make larger, usu. in the context of a takeout order placed with a dining establishment.

Adj. Larger than expected, necessary, or appropriate.
Fast food clerk: What can I get you today?

John Q. Lardass: I'll have a triple bacon cheeseburger, supersize that please...two Biggie Fries, supersize of course, a two-liter Coke...a supersize chocolate shake....

Southwest Airlines clerk: What can I do for you?

John Q. Lardass: I need a ticket to Dallas.

Clerk: That will be one supersize ticket to Dallas, $850 please.

John Q. Lardass: What!!?

Clerk: Sir, customers must pay for all the seats they occupy. I see you are still gorging on your supersize fries, so don't try that "glandular disorder" crap with us today. Take some goddamn personal responsibility.
by Carl Willis August 5, 2004
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supersize (noun): Also know as "fattysize", an incredibly large amount of food such as fries or Coke.
Window Clerk: What can I get you today?
Fatass: I'll have a Big Mac meal, supersized, with a chocolate milkshake. Three apple pies...actually, make that a milkshake a Diet Coke. I'm really trying to watch what I eat.
by SuperRobotZombieJesus June 8, 2009
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Sal is literally Soni, that bish thinks he can run away from this just by changing his name, he's a pedo who spies on nursery girl's bathrooms with his $69 000 000 drones and 2 teka net
SuperSal, you can't hide from this boi, everyone knows you're a pedo
by Therapist But "The" Is Silent January 11, 2022
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A term referring to a very large penis or large vagina
The guy I was with last night was really supersize.
by Panchoman Jr. October 30, 2006
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word that can be used sometimes instead of cool, awesome or good. it is also used for girls to said how was her date.
#1 : ok that t-shirt is so supersize"
#2 " that boy is SUPERSIZE i almost choke"
by HarryPotter March 13, 2005
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An interesting documentary where a man named Morgan Spurlock eats McDonalds meals three times a day for one month. As he does this, we see how this affects him and how he's telling all those McDonalds fans who love their favourite fast-food restaurant too much about what could happen to them.
Man: After watching Supersize Me, I think I'm going to stop eating all that McDonalds.
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts October 23, 2006
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