Has little or nothing to do with anticipated results. It's not limited to sports or competition. You can choke on an assignment for work, choke in an attempt to seduce a crush of yours. Jordan missing a free throw. You can choke anywhere, anytime.
Choking is when you had control, and failed to execute.

What happens is you are suppose to be focused on what your eyes are viewing. But your weak mind chooses to worry about something negative whether real or not, past or future.

It's bigger than that
Michael Jordan would be considered one of the most clutch professional sports players of all time.
Only you know when you choke. Its a distinct feeling. Choking doesn't give a crap about expectations.
by skr0oface August 16, 2010
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being up 3-0 in a best of 7 series and still losing. (see Yankees)
wow, the most important game of the year and they totally choked!
by east coast May 7, 2005
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1. verb; in sports, to lose a relatively important game.

2. verb; the act of choking. See also: 2007 New England Patriots.

3. verb; the obstruction of the flow of air into the lungs.
1. On February 3, 2008, Bill Belicheat and his crew experienced the biggest choke in the history of all of sports.

2. How a team with a perfect record can manage to lose to a Wild Card seed in the Superbowl is, indeed, the definition of choking.

3. Quick! Somebody dial 911 and send the ambulances to Phoenix...Brady just CHOKED!
by Belicheat February 5, 2008
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Something the Mets do on a regular basis.
Guy 1- I think the Mets will beat the Phillies

Guy 2- No, they'll just choke like they always do
by xprincessax214 October 1, 2008
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If you have a lot of something then you have "choke" things.
Whoever owns that house obviously has choke!
by talk2me-JCH2 March 31, 2021
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Hole on a piece usually on a glass bowl... held then let go once u start sucking in smoke.
"Dude let go of the choke."
by Ann August 17, 2004
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In hawaii it means a lot of something
ho brah today at da beach there was choke haoles!
by butt hole surfer September 4, 2007
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