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A fun guy who everyone loves. Everyone wants to be his friend because he is so cool. Noel's are usually natural leaders who become class presidents, captains of varsity sports, or just a straight up trend-setting badass. Most people would think he is a douchebag but he is a kind, caring dude.
Kid 1 Dude, did you hear Noel just kicked that cat?
Kid 2 No I saw him! he saved that cat from a burning building after he donated all his money to charity!
Kid 1 Oh that's sick! I want to be HIS friend!
by npd29 May 15, 2016
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Noel's are friendly, sweet and caring guys who will never fail to make you laugh. They always have a smile on their face and make everyone around them feel at ease. If they have their eye set on something, they won't give up until they accomplish their goal. They are sporty lads with a nice body. They tend to have beautiful eyes and are seen attractive by many. The majority are tall, dark and handsome. They love animals and are hard workers. Charming personality though sometimes can be a bit annoying or confusing. They are outgoing and love to talk loads and make many friends. It's nice to have a noel in your life and anyone would be lucky to have a Noel as a friend.
girl 1: "who's that boy, he's gorgeous"

girl 2: "thats Noel, he's perfect"
by Irish Love April 25, 2013
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a cool unique name that a person can have who is strong, straight up badass , who can have many haters, and who is chill

Some People make fun of it cause it means christmas, and white idiots don't know how to pronounce
Person 1: Man did you see Noel in the hallway
Person 2: Yea I did, he's one straight badass

Smart Person: That guys name is Noel
Stupid ass: Wait christmas is here
Smart Person No you dumb fuck, that guys name is Noel
Stupid ass: oh
Smart Person: retard
by Militia Army September 01, 2010
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The correct spelling of the misspelling "Noelle"
-Hi, my name is Noel.

-Is that spelled N-o-e-l-l-e?

-No, it is never spelling like that because that spelling is never correct.
by Noelleiswrong October 16, 2012
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a very hot and handsome boy. he’s not the most popular, but is most likely in the weird kid group. he’s typically kind and sweet. his girlfriend is very lucky to have a great boyfriend like him. he gives off lots of love and can have 2 sides. he’s funny and sometimes dumb. but he makes a good friend and a great boyfriend.
omg noel is so cuteeeee!!
by i love you babe June 22, 2018
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Someone who is loving, sexy, and awkward. A Noel loves to give hugs and wants to be friends with everyone. She has a positive spirit and may surprise you with her naughty side. She loves peanut butter but is very picky with her food.
Wow did you see Noel, she is so naughty.

Noel just gave everyone a hug.
by poopsaucey December 04, 2013
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