58 definitions by Panchoman Jr.

This refers to a woman whose obsession is giving oral sex to a man. Every man's dream of a woman giving them a blow job, and doing a very very good job of it.
Because of all her previous experience she was a real man eater,
by Panchoman Jr. November 9, 2006
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The backwards spelling out the acronym “TLEP” referring to men of a certain inclination. "They love eating pussy" and relish the chance to do it all day long...
by Panchoman Jr. November 21, 2006
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A term used by women to describe the man who gives her great sex/oral during her lunch break.
I saw my favorite lunchi today, now I am almost too weak to work...
by Panchoman Jr. October 31, 2006
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A contraction of the words "cunt” and "Godzilla".

It refers to a lady who has a very "demanding" genital area.
The lady I hooked up with last night was a real cuntilla, and of course I did my best to satisfy her.
by Panchoman Jr. November 10, 2006
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A phrase used during abolitionist days with reference to banning various types of alcohol. Ban gin.
Everybody wanted to also include and bangin during abolitionist days
by Panchoman Jr. November 20, 2006
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Put your face between your ladys' breasts and slowly moving your head side to side (breast to breast) while saying quite loudly "bbbrrruummmsskkiieee).

Properly done, this should last for at least 20 seconds or more...
The lady that I was with last night had never had a brumskie before and she loved it when I did it to her!!
by Panchoman Jr. October 24, 2006
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What might happen to your penis if you go "commando" (no underwear) and don't remember to zip your pants up. It often also happens to a woman's breast, especially at the most inappropriate moment. Normally spelled "peek”.
Her left breast did a peak out when she'd leaned towards me from the other side of the table. A very very nice view.
by Panchoman Jr. November 17, 2006
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