a phrase that blatantly means "no" but is said to avoid giving a concrete answer and maybe to spare the askers feelings
Ehh...we will see
by superheadd February 12, 2011
definition: its not going to happen
person 1: will you go to the dance with me?
person 2: we shall see.
by tolerancebae November 12, 2021
A phrase used to show one's approval of something. Commonly used in Watford, UK.
Person 1: bruh I just got fucked by a plastic tube
Person 2: Losing your virginity to a plastic tube? we love to see it!
by pussydestroyerdawid69 January 10, 2021
A break up phrase very commonly used to get out of the relationship. However it has double meaning
I think we should see other people = HaHa! I already am.
by Ephermeris August 5, 2005
We can see you stealing our SMART ideas Ari912
We see you there
by Suzie Sheep February 2, 2019