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A place where people eat alot, get fat, and then sue to get money.
I ate at McDonalds everyday for 7 years and now I weigh 500 pounds, so I'm gonna sue them to make some cash.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
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An ideal place for student part-timers to get a wake-up call that the working life is generally hard: low pay and long hoursโ€”if they don't want to be a modern-day slave, they need to be serious in their studies.
Hands-on tasks like cleaning the toilet, sweeping the floor, flipping burgers, serving demanding customers, and motivating low-paid staff provide a good training ground for trainee managers who want a promising career in McDonald's.
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by MathPlus February 02, 2017
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The true reason for childhood obesity in the United States not the school lunches. There workforce is mostly children 16 years old and up. Unfortunately they are often the first job for many teenagers.
When a Mcdonalds worker tells you that their food is "100% real chicken" or "100% real beef " then they're lying up their ass.
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by A Human Male August 05, 2018
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Restaurant that's sued by fat ass bitches for making them fat even though the fat ass order five supersized meals a day.
Eat responsibly.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
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1. A new innovation in disposal that gets rid of toxic waste by packaging it as food and selling it to people who don't know any better.

2. The lowest common denominator (for eating out).

3. An expression of United States cultural imperialism/cultural pollution (as seen from outside the United States). A symbol of increasing global cultural homogenization.

4. One of the best incentives for students to work hard at their studies, so that they can either a) avoid ever working there or b) stop having to work there. See mcjob.

5. An eating place that can give you malnutrition and indigestion simultaneously.

6. An evil cult hell-bent on seducing youth and molding their eating preferences for life. See happy meal, branding.

7. Outside of the United States, a symbol of America -- Frequently the target of demonstrations, riots, arson etc. in consequence if no embassy or consulate is close by.
McDonalds is invading the world -- like a virus.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 07, 2006
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The only restaurant on earth where you can miss one, drive one mile, and come to another.
"Damn! We missed McDonalds!"

"Don't worry, there's another one about 2 miles up the road."
by The Volkswaged Beatle June 17, 2005
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The place that I work where the customers are more retarted than my coworkers. They come through the drive through to order food, and when I open the window to take their order they just wave and keep going... they then realize their mistake and try to back up while another car is going forward towards my window...

Or they stop halfway through their order to scream at their bratty kids who are beating each other in the back seat. They then forget what they have already ordered and I am forced to repeat the whole order (Hamburger only bun and pickle, fries-no salt, Big Mac only mayo and tartar sauce...) with really wierd special orders... THEN they change their mind, and by that time the food has already been made specially for them with only mayo and tartar sauce...

Thanks for letting me rant.
McDonalds, we love to see you barf.
by Ab0vesuspici0n February 20, 2004
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