A short way of saying bound and tied up, normally for sexual pleasure.
I met a woman in the bar last night and she said she wanted to be strapped - so of course I readily complied with her wishes.
by Panchoman Jr. November 9, 2006
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We got hella strapped at last night's football game. It was a horrible sight.
by undagr0undv1bes September 29, 2007
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Strapping it refers to a male whose penis is so long it cannot fit inside his pants, resulting in him having to strap it around his legs to keep it from dangling to his feet. Typically involves a belt or velcro.
"wow look at tyrone hes definitely strapping it"
by Big_Boy99 March 1, 2019
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n. A gun or firearm, usually a pistol.
I had to pull a strap on a fool named Louis the Third.
by thug4life October 4, 2002
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A dildo that is used by women. It has a device so it can be "straped" on. Mainly used for lesbian sex. Sweet...
Trixy put on a strap on and started to fuck the hell out of Sally. I have it on tape!! :)
by w00t master January 26, 2003
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Having a sturdy muscular physique; robust
A strapping young amishman, that AJ Robinson.
by kellly August 30, 2005
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