When an Athletic Coach tells his team or physical education (P.E.) class to get dressed into their athletic gear, he might say, "You guys stop screwing around and get strapped."
by ADavis September 25, 2006
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to carry a condom so you are always ready for sex.
man i hope your strapped that bitch has some shit you dont want to catch
by nick a bitch January 16, 2004
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When a person is armed, usually with firearms. When a person is strapped it suggests they have weapons on them.
All my niggas be strapped
by MAVRIX May 15, 2016
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To be prepared for any adverse circumstance that may arise by way of forceful opposition; chiefly violence.

1) Violence - carrying a weapon or being able to handle oneself in a fight due to weapons or physical prowess.

2) Financial, chiefly having the money to embark on a particular engagement.

3) Social - having the social or political capital to achieve the end.

a) I got my HK, we're about ready to do this; you strapped?

b) We have to walk through a shady area to get to the house party, you strapped? I'm bringing my switchblade.

c) I'm not worried about those scrawny punks, I'm strapped, but you boys look like you've never seen the inside of the gym. You might wanna bring a bat.


A: You can come if you want, but it's $250 minimum a plate not including alcohol.
B: No worries, I'm strapped. We can spring for caviar and Champaign if you want too.
A: Great, we're going to start with the MΓΆet.

a) Social Capital:
A:We're headed to that super high end night club later, buy I don't know if I can get you in the bouncer is a hard ass.
B: I'm strapped. Know the owner and head of security, I'll be on the list. The bouncer can go fuck himself.

b) Political capital
A: Are we going to face any opposition from the senator?
B: We're strapped. He owes us for our Iraq vote and we have photos of him with an underage prostitute.
by fanger8me March 17, 2013
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