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A dildo that is used by women. It has a device so it can be "straped" on. Mainly used for lesbian sex. Sweet...
Trixy put on a strap on and started to fuck the hell out of Sally. I have it on tape!! :)
by w00t master January 26, 2003
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A sex toy that resembles a belt with an erect dildo (cock) on it. This is a must for lesbian and adventurous heterosexual couples. One partner puts on the strap on and acts like the man and proceeds to have vaginal intercourse (lesbian) and the woman becomes the insertive partner in anal intercourse with her boyfriend.
I love the way Kyle and I are so sexually adventurous. Last night I brought home a strap-on and made him my bitch for the night. I hope he doesn't go bi or gay on me because he enjoyed that just a little too much I think. But then again, bisexuality may be next on our bucket list.

dildo sex toy
by TheBigCanucklehead March 27, 2015
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a device used by women to give pleasure to male or female partners.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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a dildo and a harness around the waist, thigh, or groin to wear it on. Used for pegging or straight-style lesbian sex.
My girlfriend pulled out a strap-on, I told her "no way! I am strictly a pussy chick!".
by annonymous July 12, 2004
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a fake penis attached to the body by a strap, often used by lesbian females to perform intercourse. also used by experimenting chicks who want to know what it feels like to have a penis.
Ceci: "Dude, I'm a chick. I want a strap-on so bad!"

Kelly walked in with a strap on and said, "Angelina, I'm ready for round three."
by sexypeni January 29, 2008
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strap on dildos that are worn by men with disfunctional penises, a woman in a lesbian couple, a woman penetrating a man's anal hole, a man having sex with more than one person, etc.

they are attached to harnesses
Dude, were gonna have a threesome tonight so im gonna bring one of my strap-ons so i can fuck both girls at once!
by christy-xx July 10, 2008
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