The Body Of a woman thats so tight you had to turn your neck and look
damn that girl has a nice physique i wouldnt mind gettin in them jeans
by Romaine February 3, 2005
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The destroyer of plebian arguments on the internet.
Whenever some degeneracy takes place in a comment section from a weak male tell him to Post Physique to support his arguments.

Many people think they hard, but they don't even have the dedication to take care of themselves. Strong body physique resembles stable, healthy mind. In healthy body, healthy mind/spirit.

You can't expect for someone to be an alpha male and to have weak physique.

If your physique passes the Post Physique test, your argument is valid and confirmed as truthful.
Yo dude we are only alpha males in this group chat on Discord! You don't stand a chance!
-really? Post Physique man :)

(random forum user) Bro i get all the girls!
- Just Post Physique bruh :)
by kice_kice November 2, 2019
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Used in reference to a body that is godlike in appearance; such as the ones depicted in statues of Greek gods.
"My god, doesn't Raoul just have a Greek physique?"
by mepulixer February 14, 2006
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Having a slightly overweight, out of shape body that is both pale and lacks any sort of muscle tone.
That Andrew Marrin sure has a doughy physique.
by Takdino June 10, 2009
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A state of physical disarray and borderline obesity suffered during the university exam period where time for exercise is fundamentally limited by the need to cram unbelievable amounts of shite into your brain in order not to fail the year. Can often be traumatic, and difficult to counteract except through the medium of comfort eating, leading to a vicious circle of calorie consumption.
*A and B meet outside library for a cigarette*

A: "You're looking mighty plump today"
B: "*Sigh* Academic Physique has finally set in..."
A: "Aye."
B: "Aye."

*A and B finish smoking and return to their studies*
by JB04 March 30, 2011
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A term used to describe a person who is fit but has a tiny dick
Noah has a Greek Physique”
Dang I feel bad for his girlfriend”
by Broblo December 14, 2020
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A "Pub Physique" can be seen generally in older males who deprive exercise and a healthy existence in favour of drinking heavily in local public house.Their body weight will be MUCH higher than the average person. Often they are wise and funny, having many tales to tell.
by Coopboy July 13, 2010
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