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Someone who is attractive/fuckable can be called a ride. Mostly used in Northern Ireland.
Sarah: Will you look at that bloke over there!
Yasmin: Ock, he's a ride, isn't he?
by SexySenor93 February 17, 2009
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To have sex , to ask for sex as in "any chance of a ride?". Agood looking man or woman is also referred to as a ride. To have sex, e.g I just had a ride with Silvia. Most popular useage in Ireland.The comittments film has numerous mentions of a ride or also Riding, the act of sex. "I was riding me Mot last night", I was having sex with my girlfriend last night
I" had a great ride last night" FANCY A RIDE?
by BICUSNICUS April 25, 2016
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