A cool little mechanism that goes bang bang or boom boom with somebodies consent.
"Hey spongebob look at my camera"
*Shoots the gun*
"Oh wait, that wasn't a camera!"
(It was A gun)
by Kalacoola707 August 22, 2020
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Originally used by pilots to alert their wingmen/AWACs that they are in dogfight range and firing their cannon as opposed to their longer-ranged missiles.

Used by young adult males to alert their wingmen that they are breaking away to engage a target female at close range.
John: KAKOW! Hotties at 11 O'Clock... I got the one with the weater hogs...

Jack: When? What the hell are you talking about?!

John: Guns guns guns!

Jack: Dude, where the hell are you going?
by tunnelr@ February 15, 2010
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Guy 1: Hey, I got a gun!
Guy 2: Are you an American?
by ESU02 April 28, 2021
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A complex arrangement of metal parts that is capable of discharging a lead peice at very high speeds, high enough to penetrate fleash and thin slabs of wood. Serves as humankind's (so far) permanent replacement for spears, staffs, swords, daggars, etc. as most effective weapons. Most commonly used for self-defense, murder, killing hostiles, recreational shooting, the standard issue weapons for armies, militias, etc.
Guns aren't the problem. It's criminals, irresponsible people, and totalitarian shitheads getting a hold of them that's the problem.
by Mob_Triggerman November 29, 2004
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The greatest thing you can bring to show and tell.
"He has a gun!"
by Rina Glass September 20, 2021
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A term describing the act of bending a female over in the doggy position and fingering her vigorously with your hand in a gun like shape.
"What's that machine gun noise upstairs?" "Trust lad john must be using the gun on Lauren"
by cunt69 July 21, 2014
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