when something is hidden from view of everyone else appart from the people in the gang ect.
usually in a bust ect.
jack: sik m8 i just stashed some booze for when we go camping
bill: sik m8, i bought some fireworks aswell, lets stash them so the dibble don't find them
by siked November 4, 2007
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to put somthing away and then use it later.
like stash but to stash somthing in past tense
jack: i stashed some booze for when we go out camping
bill: sik one m8 dats pretty ill lol dat booze got well stashed
by siked November 5, 2007
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Stashing is when you're in a relationship with someone and you refuse to introduce them to your friends and family; mostly because you view the person as temporary, replaceable, and/or you're an asshole.
Friend: "Hey have you met John's parents yet? You've been together for months"

Stashee (or person being stashed): "No, I think he's stashing me. We don't have any pictures together either."
by 🤷 August 23, 2017
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1. As in "moustache". 2. secret collection such as drugs, pornography, etc.
Oh shit, my mom found my stash!
by Pac and Biggy live February 12, 2003
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To hide something secretely,without nobody knowing it.
I always stash my snacks in my drawers.
by BlackPohatu October 19, 2016
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Submitting or saving an idea on Deepstash.
I can’t believe you've been stashing on NFT, that’s dope.
by Treasure Seeker May 13, 2021
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Someone that you're involved with that you have no intention of introducing to your friends or family.
I am his stash.
by Reversebatmam August 25, 2017
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