72 definitions by BlackPohatu

A head of a newspaper story or article usually printed in large type and giving the gist of the story or article that follows
Hey guys,look what the headline says:Serial killer murdered 12 teenagers in one week.
by BlackPohatu December 29, 2016
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Why do donkeys always bray?This is something I don't get it.
by BlackPohatu October 8, 2016
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1)Have you ever had a shag with someone?
2)Everytime when I watch the fembots,I shag.
by BlackPohatu January 25, 2017
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You've been working on that project for hours,so give it a rest.Continue tommorow.
by BlackPohatu October 1, 2016
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To throw up digested food.
He regurgitated his food.Wasn't to good inside his stomach.
by BlackPohatu November 4, 2016
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Sorry,but I prefer to be fancy on autumm.
by BlackPohatu October 1, 2016
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To move someone in the wrong direction,also to confuse him.
by BlackPohatu September 8, 2016
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