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1) educational programming recommended junior high students who need to see how its done

2) a collection of dvd's stored in your dad's closet marked 'baby pictures'
1) Emily and Jack ate carrots as they watched pornography.
2) Yes.. this is a boring box of baby pictures.. please do not open this box..
by jimmy huynh March 02, 2003
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Any material which becomes, right after masturbating, not at all interesting.
The newest addition to my voluminous collection of pornography is the 1983 classic "Granny Trannies."
by Hlex April 12, 2006
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The reason why the family computer is always slow, Look in the job application folder in "dad's work stuff's"n you'll find alot of it.
<job application folder>


by bing February 20, 2005
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(1) Sexier than sex itself.
(2) Sexuality that is simulated, airbrushed, packaged and commoditized.
"At the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearance.โ€ Jean Baudrillard
by DMNY July 07, 2006
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A moderately attractive male sticking his over-large dick into an anorexic woman with giant boobs. They do this and change sex positions many more times than those who watch pornography can count and much more than can actually be enjoyable during sex. There are fake moans and groans and other "sexually arousing" sounds made for the dude who is masturbating while watching it.
"Maria": Yes, yes, *changes position* YES! OH *changes position* THAT'S IT! OOOHHHH *changes position* HHHHOHHH!!!!!! *moans* Yes, now do *changes position* that! STICK IT IN *changes position* ME HARDER!!! OOOOOOOOH YES!!!
"John": Suck my 16 inch DICK!!! Then I'll shove it up your ass!


Dude masturbating: Ohhhh, ORGASM!
Dude watching dude masturbating: Wow, you have a lot of pornography.
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Explicit descriptions, picture, and/or video of sexual acts. Some people may consider it offensive, but many consider it to be a useful tool for masturbation.
When I went to I saw some pornography.
by phi April 25, 2004
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