Stash, a shorted version for station used only by the hardest men that roam the streets of London and other places in england
Young blood, look at that train stash over there innit fam.
by Youngbl00d August 13, 2019
Charles Rogers Catch pharse in youtube videos Fire Millen series. He says stash as he is refering to drugs.
Millen: Here is some cash.
Charles Rogers: Thanks Millen this will get me plenty of STASH! STASH! ( druggy laugh. )
by 11williams September 21, 2007
1.something hidden in a secret place usually hidden drugs, 2.the person you have on the side that is not your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee/husband/wife, the one your playing your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancee/husband/wife with.
1."I have some of my stash upstairs."
2."I'm going to get me a stash because my girlfriend is falling off."
by lecksii January 16, 2010
adj: secretive; of a hoarding nature; used to describe one who withholds information and/or goods
That stash little honyocker has a whole bag full of mini Snickers in his locker that he won't share.
by Smacfoo November 19, 2004
The adjective describing a person who is completely selfish and unwilling to share with anyone.
Man, he was really being stash last night when he wouldn't lend me 5 bucks for the movie.

Quit being stash and let me have some cheetos!
by haxsaw May 28, 2009
Facial hair for women, such hair shouldn't belong
Damn Oliva really needs to shave that stash dude.
by LandyachtzRayneGuy July 24, 2008
1 joint rolled to the 2 extremities of a paper filter with another paper filter inserted on this 1st filter which gives us a kind of "T"
i gotta big weed stash, pocket full of cash just seen a big ol'aaaaass! it s saturday sticky icky icky...
by The Frenchy October 11, 2003