any item stolen or obatined on a drunken night from anywhere or anything, ie a night of lash, gash and stash
Last night was crazy i came home with so much stash
by RobTarzan May 23, 2007
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An adverb used for a, preferably, male with a great moustache.
Tom Selleck is stashing

Poirot is stashing

Sam Elliott is stashing
by BlackBirdNL November 30, 2011
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a females term of a possesion of a man
My Stash Better be home by 10.
You see my stash over there, that bitch for me.
by RAYVIEBABIIE82 August 05, 2007
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$$ Spendin' $$
The Money we oughtta be stashin'
by ANTI-POSER @ GETTO October 11, 2003
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The absolute strongest curse word ever created in the English language. It is so strong the lightest situation it can be used in is something on the same level as the scenario that follows:

You come home and see a man there with a bloody axe and the bodies of your fallen family ---- He runs and you give chase, you catch him and pry the hatchet from his hands, and while you hack away at his face, hoping to cause as much pain possible you're yelling one word the whole time.

The murder of only 1 family member wouldn't quite be strong enough to warrant the usage of the S-Word
"Hey man, someone murdered my sister yesterday...I was just walking around the park yelling the S-word (Stash)"
"wow you were way outta line man, you should post a formal apology in the park"
by PardonMyFrench May 23, 2006
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An avetard has his very own stash of snack purely for when he is out like a light. He knows he will get the MF munchies so he is sure to have a bunch of snacks ready to go for those situations. This stash of snacks is full up straight junk food and the avetards will also sell their snacks to each other to try to make a quick buck.
Norman "Nick" hit the MF dab rig and had the munchies hit soon after so he decided to go to his snack stash and eat 9 packs of sour patch kids.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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I don't know why but sometimes a dealer will leave free weed in a secret location and his customers basically have to race to go get it and who ever gets it gets it
Yo the dealer just hit me on snap he said he dropped an 1/8 at the park you wanna go see if it's still there it's prolly that gas this is a stash and dash
by 420Bignigga April 17, 2018
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