Latin, adjective) "Beneath the skin".
I went to the hospital today and I got injected with a hypodermic needle.
by Peter Rete March 29, 2009
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you like to be a pokin yourself witha the needles, what can i say? He likes him some chocolate.

From crazy emo kids.
Im so emo im gonna go hypodermic on my own ass.
by Bradders August 29, 2004
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Hypodermic Sally, also known as Sally McKenna is a ghost trapped in The Cortez which is James Patrick March’s property which is very haunted (mostly by the people who died there, there souls are somewhat trapped in there), is portrayed by hot momma Sarah Paulson.
Hypodermic Sally, please step on me.
by Sarah Paulson admirer April 24, 2021
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