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Polite way of saying "dumbass".
Man, he thinks evolution is a farce! What a creationist!
by Uller June 19, 2005

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What idiots say instead of should have. It makes most people want to stab the offender to death.
"I should have not said "should of", becuase after I did I got a screwdriver to the face."
by Uller June 22, 2005

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To take a knife, and poke something with it until they stop moving.
Woah, did you see him stab that guy? What a mess.
by Uller June 24, 2005

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Also called the "burning squirts", though it's any crap that causes an intense burning, liquid or no.
If you hear screams of pain coming from the bathroom, someone probably has a bad case of the napalms.
by Uller June 18, 2005

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An explosive device rigged to a car so as to detonate either through a timer or some other trigger.
Basically, a carbomb.
Ouch, after that Irish surpise, they were scraping him off of the pavement for hours.
by Uller June 18, 2005

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