The 'top' in a homosexual relationship
Is he a stabber or a pillow biter?
by Samson Johnson September 20, 2005
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One who stabs.
"wow, george is good at stabbing peoplew with his knife"
"Yeah, he's a pretty good stabber!"
by idunno September 24, 2003
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1.A pseudo intellectual wannabe homophobic guy who likes to ghosht(STAB) people with his pen.
2.He likes to intellectually fuck people especially if they are in mumbai and he can take them to thane.
3.A guy who is always broke and collects 3 rupees from hundred people so that he can drink.
4.Claims to have knowledge about everything especially bong literature and finishes a southpark episode in 2 hours due to pop culture references.
5.Only found with a nigger(bhaiyya)
1.Kya Be?
2.Phosdi ka(When happy)
3.Stabber-What the fock dude?
4.Talli hoke pelega!!!
5.Thane leke pelega
6.Ram-i need you have 3 rupees
Shyam-Why u being a stabber.....
Ram-Dude ,dad dal dega atm mein 3 rupees
by shaggy P November 27, 2010
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A vile excuse for an analy fixated male who thinks he is gods gift.
"I got asked if i wanted a lift home from a work collegue but i refused as he was a stabber"
by wilkins19 January 15, 2010
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A man with a strong passion for knives and weapons of a destructive nature. Most have been members of club smash up.
'Aint gonna stab ya or nuffink!'
'Ont it!'
by Prof Gee December 18, 2004
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a vicious weapon used to destroy ones scrotum
get the gause hes been attacked by a scrotum stabber
by pewdieboi69420 February 27, 2019
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Someone who stabs continually at the same place with a syringe, usually trying to inject street drugs, until it forms a scab....once the scab is formed the scab stabber will usually stab at the newly formed scab trying to ingest more drugs....
Look at that scab stabber trying to stab at that scab with that dull rusty needle.... how many scabs could a scab stabber stab if a scab stabber could stab scabs?? A scab stabber would stab all scabs that they could stab if a scab stabber could stab scabs......
by tex WHITE September 11, 2016
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