When you trying planning a surprise party for your bf and his twin sister, but his twin sister already invites everyone to go to Dave and busters for the same day, so you tell everyone to lie to her and say you can’t make it. But then your bf gets pissed no one can make it even though he himself didn’t want to go so you have to ruin the surprise and tell him and her the truth leaving everyone to chose between your boyfriend and his twin sister because she still wants to go to Dave and busters and then your bf’s younger brother gets involved and starts spreading rumors and telling people he’s pissed at people and taking sides so his gf and her friend get sucked into the drama.
“Let’s throw a surprise party”- some bitchwhat a mess that would be” - a bitch who knows better
by Jaxson12 March 30, 2022
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“what the mess” a term used mostly by the man himself gavin nelson !! he uses it because he cant say WHAT THE FUCK and needs a solution to the pain without cursing...
what the mess is wrong with you?
by bigmassiveboi72 August 30, 2019
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When something unusual happens, and you're having a hard time understanding
Those guys were desperate for money, they robbed a church, what kind of mess is this!!!
by Edavis1997 December 17, 2018
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