139 definitions by Danny

located in yonkers NY where varius illigal activities take place, many losers hang out there every day of the week wiht hopes that someone will show up with drugs.
Basshead, Rich, Brianna and a few other 12 year olds
by Danny December 1, 2003
Pretty Much an Arsehole, Normally Drunk, normally pissed off at the word and is generally an ugly sod, yet his taste in music is so good that all others take note
None Available, its rare to actually find one for long periods of time
by Danny August 23, 2004
Noun: A badass dog in an anime series
Verb: To pull an "eine", meaning to fail a class or fuck something up in general.
"Man, I pulled an Eine yesterday, got an F on my Geometry test."
by Danny February 18, 2004
When a woman's pussy lips are so loose that they dangle.
Her pussy has been fucked so much that she had meatdrapes!
by Danny December 28, 2005
A heterosexual male who is very in-touch with his feminine side. e.g: They are very concerned about their clothes, hair, and grooming; but at the end of they day they have sex...with women (unless all the girls think that he's gay)
Wow Nate Thurman only wears flared pants and spends 60 dollars on shampoo, what a metro.
by Danny February 5, 2004
A man that takes care of himself and takes pride in the way he looks and appears to be gay, but is in denial of his own sexuality.
by Danny March 3, 2005