To call someone out in a friendly way, or to greet someone.
by LilBoiJoeBoi June 26, 2019
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I’m gonna soon kick you in the moi
by Tashahh September 29, 2018
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Short for Moi Dix Mois, the solo works of Mana. Combines Classical music with fast drumming, heavy guitar, and creepy death screams. Members past and present (as of 2006) are/were Mana (the leader) Juka, Kazuno, Shadow X, Tohru, K, and Seth.
I went down to my basement to chill to some Moi after a hard day at North Royalton High School.
by manas slave June 02, 2006
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'Moi moi'
'Moi moi'
'Moi moi'
'Where can i find a public toilet'
'Moi moi'
by FoodDiner July 05, 2014
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A verb that means to be drip and cool and swag and gamer
I'm moying so fucking hard rn
by Whale Shark Is mentally okay August 21, 2021
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