A way to refer to yourself
I don’t know if you have seen moi recently...
by CC349 September 29, 2021
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A nice and good Christian boi. always good. opens with "Moi Moi it's Ya Boii" or "hello demons, it's ya boii". very good. never fap always do nofap. loves jesus
by Quasont January 8, 2018
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Short for Moi Dix Mois, the solo works of Mana. Combines Classical music with fast drumming, heavy guitar, and creepy death screams. Members past and present (as of 2006) are/were Mana (the leader) Juka, Kazuno, Shadow X, Tohru, K, and Seth.
I went down to my basement to chill to some Moi after a hard day at North Royalton High School.
by manas slave June 2, 2006
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I’m gonna soon kick you in the moi
by Tashahh September 29, 2018
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