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To call someone out in a friendly way, or to greet someone.
by LilBoiJoeBoi June 26, 2019
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moi = "me" in french
ffs it means me in french doesnt it. lol
by Lee Miller August 03, 2004
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''moi'' is French for ''me'', but it is also used in the North of Holland as ''hi''.
French person: It's moi Mario.

Dutch person: Moi! How are you doing?
by RiHeDiPa October 03, 2011
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1. French for "me"

2. Meaning "me"; usually used by Internet nerds, homo/metrosexuals, and diva-like females
1. Excusez moi, je suis français.

2. Internet nerd: LOL did you just frag moi?!!?
Homo/metrosexual: Hunnay! Moi needs some pamperiiiiin!
Diva-like female: Move out of the way for moi, bitch!
by Unfunded January 29, 2007
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Used extensively in the Australian television show "Kath and Kim." Essentially the word "me" pronounced as a slightly uneducated Australian would say it. The same idea can be applied to any word containing an e or i. Eg: noice, ploise (please).
Kath: "Look at moi Kimmy, look at moi plooooooooooise"
by Rarg December 26, 2004
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Used to laugh/ imatate/ take the fun out of someone when something they do is wrong or something 'wrong' has happened to them.
Also can be be used in a long screach noise.
i.e. Mooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Another word for Whay or Phat Whay
Person A: The answer is 64
Person B: No, 63 actually, Moi moi moi moi moi.

Person A: I walked into a door this morning.
Person B: Moooiiiiiiiii.

Person A: I got my girlfriend pregnant.
Person B: LOL Phat Whay/ Moiiiiiiiiiiiiii
by Littlemissknowitall:) March 02, 2010
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