Awkward, wrong, lopsided, ruffled or strangely different.
"I've got got squiffy tail feathers"
"She posed squiffily"
by Lyndz May 5, 2004
A word inferring the act of getting high smoking pot, used in the presence of those who might be offended by a blatant reference to pot and who will accept the term as a reference to a buzz from alcohol.
I'm a little out of it today, since we got squiffy last night.
by CeeScott February 6, 2009
"I saw a unicorn last night"
"Really? Sounds a bit squiffy to me"
by Prof. Jack Package October 12, 2008
Statement of complete ambivilence. Often used as a bland response to a statement that is neither good nor bad nor particularly interesting.
Dave - I worked on a boat once. Jenny - Isn't that squiffy.
by cryinghill May 25, 2005
A series of short, loud bursts of flatulents issued from one's buttocks.
When I run on a full stomach of deep fried twinkies I often squiffy.
by Spencer Logan and the F5 March 22, 2003
The feeling you get when you're hungover and your stomach is empty of food and its feels well soft, normally cured by eating something
at 2pm
Ed: Tom mate we were fucked last night..
Tom: yea man i feel really squiffy right now!
Ed: lets get summit to eat bro you'll feel sweet after!
by Big C Dog January 10, 2008