The finished smell of a product when Leah and Josh sit, stand, or do anything together the day after a night of partying.
"what is that smell?"
"what smell are you referring to?"
"the smell of diapers and marijuana"
"Oh, that! That's just the pot smoking baby."
by KRAFTDINNARRR November 14, 2008
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a baja sweatshirt commonly worn while hitting some kind bud :
hey, you got shit? i see youre wearing your pot smoking poncho, so you wanna hit some?
by comfortablynumb420 September 12, 2010
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1. Obtaining your first high
Most people do not get high on their first few times smoking marijuana after you have obtained your first high you are now on your way up in the ranks.

2. Being present at a drug deal
A friend needs some sticky icky, to move to the second level in this 10 level trip to greatness you need to be in the same room with a drug dealer and his/her buyer and witness the transaction occur.

3. Scoring your own weed
At this point you feel like your a badass, your not, but its alright. to move to level three you need to have obtained both a dealers phone number and have purchased some green from them.

4. Buying your first smoking device (usually a pipe)
to enter level four you need to purchase a smoking device, a rough estimate that about 75% of people purchase a pipe at this point some ignore rules and jump to further levels like little fucknuggets, but its all good.

5. The first time you smoke by yourself
this is by far the level that sepperates the boys from the men, this level weeds(no pun intended) out the pussies who just smoke to look cool and the true future masters of the weed world.
ayo i bought my own weed im the shit!

no, no your not, u obviously know nothing about The first 5 levels of pot smoking
by Mr.Dirk As Fuck June 19, 2010
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6. Rolling your first joint
at this point you feel like your a gangster until you realize how hard it is to roll a fucking joint, youll try for hours, watch a dozen youtube vids, and still have a shitty rap, but its still a job well done.

7. Purchase of your second smoking device
this device is your baby, and is to be treated as so, must be at least twice the price as your first, and is usually a bong. you feel deeply offended if people say something bad about it, as you should this device rarely leaves your house.

8. Creation of your bobs (bag of bad stuff)
this bag contains both smoking devices one and two, some ports, some black and milds, maybe ever a swisher sweet, razor blades(for cutting open cigars), lighters, and your stash of marijuana *which should be around a half at all times at this point*

9. Creation of your first food high
usually brownies, some make fire crackers, but this step requires you creating a food that when eaten will get you high

10. Purchase of your vaporizer
the last and final step is the purchase of a vap, very expensive, but very worth it. at this point you will rarely come across people whos smoke more than you, you are a king enjoy your life
yo dude im the shiznit i just bought a vaporizer!!1!!1!

according to The second 5 levels of pot smoking yes, yes you are.
by Mr.Dirk As Fuck June 19, 2010
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