An alternative way to say "on a roll". Things are going incredibly well for you and nobody can touch you, because you're on a motherfuckin boat.
I just got promoted at my job and scored a hot date tomorrow, I'm on a boat!
by Heeb21 February 13, 2009
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Title of a great song. (Lonley Island and T-Pain. If someone says this they are either listening to the song; is on a boat;or"im so good you cant touch me" or "im on roll" kinda thing.
(Someone is on fire in a basketball game) "DUDE,YOUR ON A BOAT!"
by NikkiStatic February 27, 2009
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the best feeling in the world, usually associated with feeling free and happy.
"dude, i just got an A+ on my science test, i'm on a boat!"
by deejaylovesmaddie December 15, 2009
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when you are completely "tanked" or drunk you tend to have no if you were on a boat.
You say "dude, I'm on a boat" then lose your balance and fall the hell on your ass.
by drinkycrow July 7, 2010
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Being considered a male or female tennis player of endurance, character,
substance, gusto and verve - someone that can be depended on in moments of pressure in the high storms, a team player and one that could follow the
orders of the skipper no matter what.

To qualify to get "on the boat" you need to be nominated, rated and approved by Catherine Whitaker, David Law and Matt Roberts from the best tennis podcast in the world: The Tennis
Podcast - only then will Dad Whitaker consider your application.

Dad Whitaker has a boat and
he needs only the elite tennis players, hand picked, to be his crew to take on the turmoil oceans of the ATP and WTA.
by TheTennisWordsmith July 2, 2020
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Is a Norwegian ice cream thats shaped as an boat.

Is = ice cream.

It started on when people sent in pictures of "eg skal ha ein boat is". Meaning I want a boat ice cream.
by Shibiz December 25, 2011
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Casino in a large docked boat. The only kind of casinos in Illinois/ Northwest Indiana
Steve: What are you doing tonight?
Phil: Going to the boat to try to make rent for next month.
Steve: Don't lose it all!
by Cam Tepkower March 21, 2010
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