When a girl's breast is larger than the other.
Dude, look at that girl in that bikini.. she's lopsided.
by duke of ass August 28, 2006
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someone with a head always tilted at least 15 degrees
You that kid Ryan, his head is lopside!
by Rusty May 25, 2003
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Tommy: What are you up to tonight?

Drew: getting lopsided with the boys!
by tigerhback30 October 2, 2015
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when you get 2 gummies that are connected to each other in a pack
i got a lopsided slummy
by lopsidedslummy April 2, 2021
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The act of eating a meal from a gaping asshole of a deceased, hanging person.
I was at church when I walked in on the minister eating some lopsided dinner from the dangling lady.
by discoloredreasoning June 22, 2019
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A position often used in intercourse with a quadraplegic. This position involves the quadraplegic being spun like a bayblade on ones penis, this then moves their arms in the shape of a lopsided swastika.
1: "I got a black eye last night giving becky a lopsided swastika"
2: "Yo, thats a beepus!"
by Jozhu4Weaton March 29, 2021
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