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in Australia, spoof means cum, jizz, sperm etc. etc... we always find it funny when americans use it to describe a parody (see def. 1) hehehe. btw, to get the accent, the 'oo' sound is the same as in 'book'
she doesn't like the taste of spoof....
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
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usually a cardboard tube between 1 and 2 feet long (tho it can be pvc or something else) with one end stuffed with anti-static dryer sheets and secured so the sheets stay in place. used for smoking doob in the dorm or at mom & dad's place when you need to disguise the odor.
if i wasnt using the spoof, the RA would definitely have nailed me!
by Chauncy Percival July 24, 2003
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Also used in Scotland as a slang term for semen, or to ejaculate semen.
1. I got some spoof on her skirt.

2. Did you spoof?
by Keith the Incredible Sockpuppet November 18, 2004
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an object used to smoke with in order to reduce the odor. it is most commonly made of a paper towel roll tube stuffed with dryer sheets, and after taking hits, the smoke is blown into it.
"dude, we can smoke in my dorm room if we use a spoof."
by chris820 May 24, 2003
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Spoof: The coughing that occurs after taking a big hit of weed.
OMG! I literally spoofed for almost 5 minutes after taking a rip off of that chronic!!!
by Emonowski May 31, 2016
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