next time comes from the Latin phrase proximus tempus, which means sometime in the distant future... maybe.
"Hey, I'll by lunch next time"

"yeah, sure... next time"
by thewordprofessor October 19, 2011
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When a villain is defeated, but not captured/killed, and subsequently escapes. Named after Doctor Claw's phrase whenever he was beaten by Inspector Gadget: "Next time, Gadget! Next time!"
"The villain isn't really dead, this is a 'Next time, Gadget!' situation'.
by Kraas June 19, 2009
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Normally used in response to a subtweet or shade. It can be translated as “tag me in the tweet next time; it’s obvious this is about me.” Sometimes, it can be used jokingly, like when someone answers to a general complaint that applies to them, even though the complainer wasn’t thinking about anyone in particular.
“I hate LA drivers.”

“Fine, Jared, @ me next time.”
by AntisocialWeeb August 22, 2018
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When someone is talking shit and don't tag you in what they are saying.
Girl 1: That bitch was talking about me.
Girl 2: @me next time hoe.
by Lyss082901 October 01, 2015
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A girl and a boy are on a date that it's about to end.

A girl: Okay, It's time to go home, it was nice to see you today!

A boy: Yeah, it was! Till next time, then!
by Cindersxo February 09, 2012
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C see

a polite way to call a bad female a cunt upon leaving her vicinity

This is widely used in Montreal Quebec, and differs from other usages were the T is a weekday
She wouldn't get out of my movie theatre seat so I said See you Next Time as I left.

by Zolta January 18, 2006
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1. A condolence used A: When there's a pause from the other person and you need something to say or B: When someone's fishing for sympathy and they just don't deserve it.

Romeo: Man I'm really itchy; I think I got crabs off of that Asian girl...

Macbeth:... You'll know for next time then.


Persephone: UEEN, Those goddamn cops gave me another speeding fine. Look at this. Look.

Calavrado: Well I guess you'll know for next time.
by Ramfar November 10, 2011
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