10 definitions by Robert D Sykes

n. Possibly of Australian origin.

1. A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa and consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. Also called seminal fluid.

2. Beer with little taste and low alcohol content.
"Crikey!" exlaimed Jilly Goulden, "nothing to drink but 48 cans of spoof."
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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v. Originating with the word ken

1. Can be said to have been experienced when, following defecation, one wipes one's anus only to discover that no residue has been left behind by the ken
There was no toilet paper so I'd had to use my hand. Luckily I'd had a magic ken so-when I shook Her Majesty's hand later on-she didn't notice.

I've just had a magic ken. Must be all the brown bread I've been eating.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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n. Unknown origin

1. A person who easily succumbs to the effects of intoxicants, especially those which yield THC.
2. A person who becomes ill after consuming intoxicants, especially those which yield THC.
Ratzinger was disqualified from being a Papal candidate on account of his reputation of being a leonard lightweight.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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n. Of North American origin. A jerkline is a single rein that runs to the lead animal in a team of mules or horses.

1. A driver who can control the team by use of the jerkline.

2. One who's abilities to construct a spliff are of an extremely low standard.
Slim, you're the best darned Jerkline Skinner that I ever layed eyes on.

I'm not smoking that your majesty, it looks as if it's been rolled by a jerkline skinner.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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v. Originating partly from ken and partly from a fictional martial art called Hokuto Shinken, featured in the anime series "Fist Of The North Star".

1. An incredibly vile smelling liquid ken that leaves the anus with massive explosive force, almost filling the toilet bowl with excrement as well as coating the sides. The force of a hokuto shin-ken is sometimes sufficient to propel the excreter several inches into the air.

2. Considered to be more severe than a holocaust ken, in fact the most extreme form of ken
Shitting in Mr T's bin would have been bad enough but I did a hokuto shin-ken which not only meant that I had to wipe my arse up his front door, but the smell also killed his geraniums.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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adj. Unknown origin.

1. To be affected by an intoxicant and especially by substances that yield THC.
I'm afraid that my ability to answer that question has been somewhat compromised your honour, due to the fact that I'm fraggled.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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v. Originating from ken

1. A particularly odorous and semi-liquid ken that leaves the excreter feeling as if he or she has just passed a bowl of porridge.
The Daily Telegraph promised a full expose with pictures of a horror ken left by Princess Michael Of Kent in the loo of Sainsbury's.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
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