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True Aussies use it when they're generally suprised or shocked.
TRUE AUSSIE: "CRIKEY!! Shaz another croc has got into the flamin bath tub. Grab the duct tape!!"
by drmeme April 06, 2016
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An Australian exclamation of surprise or bewilderment. Interchangeable with words such as "Blimey" or "Struth". Made famous by our champion crocodile hugger, Steve Erwin.
"Crikey! What was that!"
by Aussie Downunder May 02, 2003
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I heard my Pop (Grandfather)say crikeys many times he was born in 1910 and this example he said in the 1980s.
Crikeys Steveo watch out for them solicitors there all crooks and thiefs they'll take your last shilling.
by Lewy Lewis August 05, 2006
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EX Webster:

Main Entry: cri·key
Pronunciation: 'krI-kE
Variant(s): or crick·ey /'kri-kE/
Function: interjection
Etymology: euphemism for Christ
Date: 1838, England
-- used as a mild oath
Crikey! What do you think you're doing!
by bojanical August 10, 2006
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similar to blimey. shortened corruption of "christ the king" to express displeasure at a happening or event.
oh, crikey! The telly is on the fritz again.
by G. Sebasitan May 05, 2006
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An old English public school exclamation of surprise as exemplified by Frank Richards' Billy Bunter stories. More recently strangely adopted by Australians.
by Reeshar June 06, 2003
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