10 definitions by Shanomac

Canadian pronunciation of ass; the buttocks; butt, ass, behind, etc.
Damn jigga, you just capped my arss
by Shanomac May 7, 2003
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another way of spelling jiggified; to be turned black; to act as if you're black; to be blackified
Yo dog, I'm straight up jiggafied!
by Shanomac May 7, 2003
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Hey morons, notice how there is no "we" in team. Exactly, so shut the FUCK up!
"Hey dude, there's no "I" in team, you selfish basturd."-says gregory to jocky b.
"Hey mutha fucka, there ain't no "we" in team!"-says jocky b to the nonathelitic gregory.
by Shanomac May 20, 2004
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Slang term created by the one and only Shanomac, meaning internet.
Wow, shanomac.com is the greatest shizzle on the nizzlenet!!!
by Shanomac November 25, 2003
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a parody of a movie, song, etc.
Spaceballs is a spoof of Star Wars
by Shanomac May 6, 2003
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