43 definitions by Aaron W.

(adj) stupid, or of low quality
see corny
That book is really cheesy
by Aaron W. December 5, 2002
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another form of click (IM Language)
Clik Clik Clikity Clik Clik!!!!
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003
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1) In snowboarding, skateboarding, etc, when riding opposite to the way you usually ride.
2) In skiing, and skating, riding backwards.
When riding down the mountain, the snowboarder turned around and started riding fakie.
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
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(adj) really stupid, or using ironic situations.
see cheesy
That story is really corny.
by Aaron W. December 5, 2002
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Said when one sees something disgusting
by Aaron W. December 6, 2002
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