Jilly is an person who is youthful, kind, beautiful in every way. They are passionate about the things they love, and care deeply about the people close to them. You definitely want a Jilly in your life
"I just met someone named Jilly... They are the kindest person I ever met".
by Amethyst Pearls November 16, 2021
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A very strong and friendly woman who sometimes drinks a little too much. You can find Jilly at your local watering hole singing karaoke and organizing reunions of long time friends. Jilly will go bowling every so often at a bowling alley, but does much better on her iPhone.
"Jilly set up an awesome reunion for the c/o '90 last month. I haven't seen so many of you for ages!"
by Dr. Jaque Mihada February 4, 2010
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Jilly is that one girl in your group of friends who loves to sing (and give critique to those who can't).
YOU: I'm going to sing at karaoke tonight. Want to come?
FRIEND: Sure, but I'm only coming to watch how much Jilly slays you on technique.
by chiefyblues April 30, 2018
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A tan-skinned human being residing in the United States, usually attracted to curry.
Hey, you see that Jilly over there; he makes the best curry.
by thebeastiest123 January 24, 2011
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A sexual act in which a man ejaculates in his partner's ear, giving a jizz wet willy, or a "Jilly".
Last night I gave my girlfriend a jilly.
by spartanfan1 November 27, 2011
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jilly is a word to describe those funny tummy feeling u get when on extacy. However, these feelings can come about just by the mentioning/remembering of an mdma/pill experience.
u lookin forward to this weekend bruv? yeah mate just thinking about it gets me jilly!
by mr woolf August 24, 2006
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A Jilly is an ancient creature that eats your soul, Grinds it up with its false fangs then spits it back in your face.

When a Jilly approaches you after stuffing it's stench trench with a cocksandwich Turn your head away from it and stay silent until it leaves. If by chance it try's to communicate with you simply nod while your back is facing it and pray the creature moves on to ruin another poor soul. or alternatively feed it bread and hope it dies as it is intolerant to gluten.

A Jilly is easily recognized by its strange appearance:

- Fake bleach blonde hair protruding through its skull ( which over time recedes to reveal an aged scaly scalp ) which is tied back with a cheap pink hair-tie to apply a stretched botox like pull on its face.

- Cheap reject shop hot pink lipstick & "Hooker Blue" Eye shadow applied under the ridge of its brow to create a " work'n da street " look.

- It has silicone implants in its chest which are ever so perky despite the fact the creature looks at least 80+. chest itself appears to be sagging and wrinkled

- It's hands are withered and tan marks appear around the fingers from the previous marriages it has had but inevitably sucked its partner dry of any life and money,

- It has a very strange dress sense often matching its fake fur coat with a florescent blue dress which ends just below its meat curtains revealing it's thin distressed legs from large amounts of friction enforced upon them leaving them some-what eroded
Person 1: Omg guess what happened to me today!!
Person 2: What!?
Person 1: Jilly was complaining about having period pains ( obviously to imply that it is young enough to still have them ) and i threw up all over myself.
Person 2: WOW it's more putrid than i thought.

Person 1: Why is that guy with that jilly?
Person 2: must be that merhag mind control but dw, We will just put her in the hole
by gofuckyourselfyouoldcunt February 18, 2012
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